We partner only with the best!

We work exclusively with Polish software development companies and body leasing agencies, which are providing only the specialists with proven experience in the implementation of cross-boarder projects in the outsourcing model.

Criteria for joining DEVMATCH Partnership Network:

  • Active on the market for a minimum of 1 year
  • Proven experience in working with foreign customers
  • Minimum 200K EUR revenue in last financial year
  • Minimum size of the team dedicated to outsourcing projects: 5 FTE’s
Why us

400k +

IT professionals on the market

Why us


Polish software developers ranked 5th in the world

Top business reasons for outsourcing IT services

Provides access to skills.


Frees up resources.


Saves money


PROs of software development in Poland:

  • Over 400.00 IT professionals on the market
  • Common Regulatory Framework within the EU
  • Well-connected with the biggest European cities
  • Polish software developers ranked 5th in the world
  • Cultural and organizational proximity with Western Europe

Poland as an established software development powerhouse in Europe

Poland enjoys the highest degree of familiarity and proximity to Western Europe and a deep cultural connection with the U.S. This, combined with EU legal protection, makes Poland feel safer as a destination with less perceived risk.

Poland is a large and varied region that has emerged as a software development powerhouse over the last 15 years. The most notable factors contributing to the success of the region in the IT world include:

  • Proximity to Western Europe
  • Good cultural alignment with Western Europe
  • High value due to currency/labor arbitrage
  • Strong educational system
  • Widespread cultural support of sciences, math and IT studies
Why us

Our Advantages

We are here to save your startup from typical problems of IT recruitment. Thanks to DEVMATCH, you connect the in-house-like level of control and flexibility with lower costs and risk associated with IT outsourcing.   


  1. Firstly, schedule a discovery call with us and tell us more about your current IT recruitment needs (you can do it HERE)
  2. Define your current need for professionals so we could initially provide you with key information in terms of market hourly rates for given IT Talents and expected time to present the profiles of first candidates.
  3. We will provide you with the first profiles of specialists within a specific timeframe (no more than 7 days).
  4. If the profiles meet your expectations, we will support you in arranging the interviews with the selected candidates.
  5. Decide whether the given candidates will join your team.
  6. Sign a contract with DEVMATCH and start working on the project with your freshly recruited IT talent!

We favor projects where the hourly monthly commitment is a minimum of 3/4 FTE (approximately 120 hours) per position.

We set the minimum contract duration requirement at 3-months, but will be happy to discuss it individually during the discovery call!

All intellectual property rights to the project are transferred to the Client at the time of monthly payment. This area is governed by a mutual framework cooperation agreement.

We commonly work with JavaScript, Python, Java, C++ whereas our network of technology partners is sufficiently extensive to cover almost any technology you could think of.

We ensure that developers belonging to the DEVMATCH network are fluent in foreign languages, hence one of the criteria for joining the network is knowledge of one of the languages (English or German) at a level of min. B2.

In practice, the vetting process consists of two stages: the first involves learning about the specialist’s detailed experience and evaluating the project portfolio. The second stage involves verifying language skills (our developers demonstrate at least B2 level English) and technical skills (conducting a case-study with elements of live coding).

For DEVMATCH, it is crucial that the specialists belonging to the network are not only technically excellent, but have a strong work ethic and soft skills.

Commonly, the IT talents rates (depending on the role and technology) vary from $35-$80/hour.

Although we favor remote cooperation model, working in office is also possible. It only depends on prior arrangements directly with the talent before the engagement starts.

All of our developers are located in Poland.

At the 'matching’ stage, you will receive profiles of candidates in the form of blind CVs (with anonymized personal data) containing information on the IT Talent’s commercial experience, skills and a description of selected projects from the portfolio.

Yes. While all of our developers are pre-vetted for your convenience, we also encourage you to self-verify their skills during the recruitment process. As a general rule, the best practice will be to organize an interview directed at testing the candidate on soft skills (match in terms of organizational culture) and technical skills (live-coding session, with tasks of different levels of difficulty).

Our billing model is very simple. The payment due (P) is simply the number of hours worked by the developer (h) multiplied by the developer’s hourly rate (r).

P = h * r

As a general rule, billing takes place at the end of the month, based on a statement of the developer’s hours worked in the month (“timesheet”). 

The VAT invoice (the basis of payment) is issued to the Client at the end of each month of cooperation, with the payment period which varies between 3 and 7 days.

No. We do not charge any fees until you have signed a contract with us (i.e. you have decided to hire a candidate presented by us for the specific project).

After the 'search’ stage and the presentation of the candidates, you can withdraw at any time without giving us a detailed reason for this decision.

Currently, the only payment method offered by DEVMATCH is a bank transfer.

During the first month of cooperation, we retain the right to ask for a deposit of 50% of the monthly order value.

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