If you’ve been considering becoming an IT person, you probably already know some of the benefits that come along with this career path. 

However, to help you make a more conscious decision, we prepare a full list of 7 key reasons why you should consider becoming an ICT/IT specialist. Keep reading to find out what, besides great earnings, motivates people to join the technical industry!

Why to become ICT specialist

1. Career options

If you are already working in IT or are about to enter the industry, the first and the most important decision for you is to define the exact path you want to go

This may not be easy, as the multitude of roles and technologies can make you dizzy at the beginning. Regardless of the specific position you relate your future to, the IT industry has a lot to offer. Some areas of specialization you may hold include:

  • Backend
  • Fullstack
  • Frontend
  • Mobile
  • Testing
  • DevOps
  • Business Intelligence
  • UX/UI
  • Support
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Embedded Security
  • IT Administrator

Once you become an ICT specialist, there are many career options available. For example, you can choose to work as an independent contractor, get involved in a start-up project or choose to work for a large corporation. Having multiple options allows you to choose a working environment and lifestyle that fits your requirements.

Furthermore, as an ICT talent, you are able to work in a wide range of industries. After starting as an entry-level position, you could advance into mid and senior ICT positions relatively quickly compared to other industries, while increasing your salary potential exponentially.

2. Educational opportunities

One of the top reasons to become an ICT Talent is access to a broad knowledge base available both onsite (e.g. by attending stationary IT boot camps and in the course of university studies) as well as through a broad catalog of online courses and webinars.

For example, Poland is known for its high level of education and increased focus on science, technology, and mathematics. The number of universities where you can major in computer science and engineering is constantly increasing, there are more than 350 institutions of higher education in Poland where you can get a degree in IT or STEM.

Although getting a degree in ICT is helpful for launching a career, it is not always a must. With the help of books, online courses and videos, many people can learn the basics to get started and quickly land their first junior position.

3. High demand for IT Talents

Today IT specialists are in high demand. Nowadays, every industry relies heavily on various software, so people who can produce it in accordance with the given specifications (Software Developers/Engineers) or enable its smooth organizational implementation (Project Managers) are essential for the companies. 

As the world becomes increasingly digital and online-enabled, the demand for IT Talent is likely to increase even further. Therefore, if you are looking for a career that has good long-term prospects, ICT is an attractive option!

Why to become IT specialist? Read list of key reasons

4. Remote work

The ability to work from home is increasingly important to job candidates. Since almost all of their work is done on a computer, ICT Talents are often able to work remotely from home.

However, as long as the talents are able to communicate with the team, they can often work from other locations like shared workspaces, hotels or coffee shops. This flexibility can make ICT a good career option for people who like to travel a lot!

5. Continuous learning

An important part of being an ICT Specialist is continuous education and professional development. There are always new tools to acquire and better ways of developing software to discover. ICT Talents need to spend a considerable amount of time keeping up to date with the latest news and developments in their industry so that they can create the best possible products.

If you’re someone who likes to learn new things, ICT can be a rewarding field. You’ll not only learn new programming languages and tools that make development easier, but you’ll also get to know how to make a good use from old languages. In addition, you’ll be able to learn new things about the industry you are working in.

6. Problem-solving skills

If you like solving difficult problems, then ICT is a promising career to consider. For example, ICT Talents may try to figure out how a piece of software can perform a certain action for a Client or how to write their code in a more efficient way. This career path requires you to think in different ways and constantly come up with creative (and working) solutions.

7. Last but not least – high salary perspectives

Year 2021 was already another year of salary increases in Polish ICT industry. The median minimum salary spread offered by employers (according to the No Fluff Jobs portal) increased by 8.33% compared to the previous year and amounted to PLN 13,000 net. 

We can speak of a slightly slowed growth here, as in 2020 this indicator was as high as 20% (compared to 2019). The median maximum fork in 2021, on the other hand, was PLN 18,400 net, which means that it increased by 9.5% compared to 2020. 

This was a greater increase than in 2019-2020 (8.33%), and was due in particular to the increased need to hire more experienced IT professionals.


Taking into consideration all the aforementioned arguments, it is worth considering a career in the ICT industry. The industry offers many perks – above all, room for continuous self-development, attractive salaries, job security and a multitude of possibilities in terms of choosing a specialization path. It is just a perfect choice for tech-freaks who are not afraid of solving challenging problems and facing a dynamic working environment. 

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